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Michael Bartlett said...

Hi Mike

I presume you are American. So here goes. The story about the Bertelot origins of the Bartlett name is as far as I can ascertaim a fantasy, in that the majority of Bartletts like many other English names are decended from people christened Bartholemew a very popular European name particularly in the 14 century when surnames began to be commonly adopted. Check with similar Italian and French derivitives. Bartlett is a double diminutive of Bartholemew. OK so I know that your story appears regularly on websites compiled by Americans but its a romantic construct which has no bearing on the reality which is that the majority of Bartletts are probably decended from generations of farm labourers as are the majority of Englishmen. Still I hope you have fun tracing your more recent family...I'm sure they can provide you with a more gripping and truthful narrative than the fairy tale with which you begin your blog.

All the best Mike Bartlett at

Administrator said...

Thanks for your input Mike.

Having to presume that I’m American implies that you haven’t really read my blog. I'm far less concerned with the untraceable origins of our family surname than I am attempting to link current generations as far back as I can using "real" documented research. To be honest, trying to trace family back a thousand years (or even a couple of hundred) can be considered a fantasy for most.

What I present as the origin of our family name is a shared story by many who happen to share the name of Bartlett. In fact, I included it only at the request of another family member, not because I thought it to be an actual point of origin to aim for. If you have another Bartlett surname origin story to contribute, I'd be happy to hear it and share it with others.

I have purposely left out many unsubstantiated links to our English origins (unlike many of my distant cousins and fellow Bartlett Family researchers) for the very reason that it is pure fantasy to me without a real paper trail linking generation to generation.

I even have DNA evidence that links my particular branch to the Mayflower, yet I don't include that in our "official" history. Nor do I claim to be a descendant of a Revolutionary War veteran, only the possibility. I even deflate the "Josiah Myth" in this blog, which had been passed down for who knows how long in my particular branch of the family. If I can’t establish a documented link, then that is where the sidewalk ends.

Without actual documentation that fills in the blanks and substantiates the tales that have been handed down over the generations, all we really have are stories, right?

I have no illusions of a link to Charlemagne or William the Conqueror, nor do I claim any right to a family crest. If I could disprove French origins, that would be fine with me. All of it seems so out of reach and unrealistic to ever take seriously and it's nothing I would ever expect to resolve. I really don’t have the time, energy or desire to go there. I have enough of a challenge just sorting out the last few hundred years of my family history.
Do you think I’ll ever figure out the last thousand? HA! Unlike many amateur family researchers, I do have a firm grip on reality.

But I do love a good story.

It’s great to hear from another Mike Bartlett.

God Bless you and your family,

Mike Bartlett

Gardner, Kansas U.S.A.

jonathan said...

I think you said it well.

Richard said...

Hi Mike,
I just wanted to let you know there are a large number of Bartlett's living up near Chicago,IL. I am one of them I would love to hear from other Bartlett's and try and find out more about our family name... I was just in the U.K. and was wishing I could have found out anything about where my family came from. My email is
Thanks Richard

wetik said...

Kia ora (Hello) from New Zealand. Your blog is very interesting and I kept reading!
I am a descendant of William Bartlett - Whaler, who had two sons Thomas and Peter. Both had 11 children to their respective wives. Thomas had Nepia (along with 6 other children) he had Wiremu Bartlett who also had 11 children. Wiremu is my grandfather who has approx 150 descendants. I have attended many Bartlett reunions, touched our crest, but I am still unsure which way our ancestor came from - America or England? I am guessing England...

Rick said...

I'm a Bartlett originally from Columbus, GA but currently reside in Iowa City, IA. My great-aunt, Adele Bartlett-Harper wrote the "Family Lines" Bartlett genealogy book. I have a copy and my great-grandfather, Homer Bartlett, is in the book, but it stops there. Evidently, he was the black-sheep of the family and, for a lack of a better word, cast I am trying to get the book updated with his descendants names included.

Richard "Rick" Bartlett

Rick said...

Wetik, are you Maori by chance? I am assuming your side of the family came from England as well. Although, there are many, many Bartlett's in France and South Africa. There is even a township near Johannesburg, South Africa named Bartlett. I even met a man named Bartletti from Italy. So, who knows where the New Zealand Bartlett's came from, but it sounds interesting to find out!

Rick Bartlett

Dave Bartlett said...

Hi there! David Bartlett here from Connecticut/all around the Northeast and East.

Great stuff you have here. Very interesting.

Kar-e-bar said...

Hi, Mike-
I am a Bartlett from Richmond, VA.
I have only really traced back to my great-grandfather via the Library of Virginia. Even that was fascinating-he was a blacksmith in the Confederate army and survived many battles, that are listed! I will bookmark your blog and come back when I have more time-Thanks so much for this-Karen Bartlett Martin

farmcountry said...

Goodspeed's History of Pulaski County, Missouri p. 768/769 describes Solomon Bartlett son of John M. and Elizabeth Russell Bartlett (born in KY 1798 and 1800 and died in MO in 1871 and 1848). The father John was of French descent and married about 1818 coming to Miller County, MO in 1820 but afterward became a resident of Moniteau County. This Solomon Bartlett was born in Miller County in 1831 and ran a saw and grist mill, went to California during the Gold Rush, served in the State Legislature and in the MO Volunteer Infantry. Do you have addtl. info on this descendant? Thanks for all your hard work!

Chardi Jensen said...

Great website. Thank you for all your research and incredible maps, etc.
Marie Serina Bartlett is My Great Grandmother and daughter of Trevanian Claudius Bartlett and Lena Allena Fry. Trevanian was born to Madison Metz Bartlett 1824 – 1880 and
Harriet Elizabeth Gray 1834 – 1908
in Muscatine Iowa, but there is a Kentucky period in there somewhere. Trevanian came to Washington State, probably for the lumber boom. He is buried in Everett, WA. leaving a legacy of beautiful daughter and granddaughters.
And wow, I fell hook line and sinker for the ancestry hints that lead to Clovis. HA! but its a great adventure and learning experience.

Chardi Jensen

hannah1234 said...

I came across this while researching on my family. In St. Joseph Missouri the Bartletts have established quite the historical background. This was all very interesting. I wonder if we are from the same Bartletts

Graham bartlett said...

Im a bartlett from the north irsh shore and loved the imstite as my family has always told me that we had norman and royal backgrounds how would i be able to dealve deeper into the family history?

Drewb said...

Very interesting site. Ralph was my great grandfather. Edward was my grandfather. I never met either one since I wasn't born until 1984, but my dad, Charles, has told me lots of stories about both of them and about working at the seed store in Atchison, KS growing up. Really glad I stumbled upon your site.